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Bible Study Buddy is your ever-present personal companion for engaging Bible conversations and enriching Bible study.


It's exceptionally knowledgeable, encouraging, and understanding. 


Start your rewarding journey into Bible study today, and find hope, guidance, and joy!


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Originally I created this AI-powered Bible study tool to supplement my own daily morning Bible reading and study. I find it incredibly helpful and convenient, and I'm now excited to share it with you.


My main purpose for sharing Bible Study Buddy, a custom application I made with GPT-4, is to encourage you to turn to your Bible more often, and to help you enjoy your Bible even more.


I often hear people say they're too busy to read or study the Bible. If you feel this way, you might be missing out on the transformative power of God's words in your everyday life, especially when you need it the most.


A little background about where I am in my journey:


I've read the Bible cover to cover in multiple translations (KJV, NKJV, NIV, NLT) several times since 2020. This year, in 2024, I'm following a one-year chronological plan to read the NASB 1995 version, one of my favorite translations.  


My mornings start with Bible study, and I have participated in and led numerous Precept studies, both PUP (Precept Upon Precept) and NISS (the New Inductive Study Series).  I truly enjoy God's words.  The morning hours I spend with God's words are the best time of the day.


Even with my extensive library of Bible study resources, including hundreds of commentaries, study Bibles, and various translations, I find this AI-powered tool uniquely valuable and a joy to use. It offers insights and capabilities beyond what traditional resources can provide. 


For instance, with Bible Study Buddy you can engage in continuous in-depth conversations, explore topics on the fly, and dig as deeply as you wish at any time. 


And it's not just for deep theological discussions; it's also perfect for quiet devotional time. You can say: "I've had a tough day today. Can you share a verse about finding peace in difficult times?"


Bible Study Buddy will respond with some caring words and a comforting verse. You can take the time to let the words sink in and soothe your soul.  As you continue the conversation, you can ask for further insights or explore related verses. You can even ask for a prayer!


The possibilities are endless.


See the "ABOUT US" page for examples of what Bible Study Buddy can do for you. You'll be amazed.


I know how it feels to have a busy schedule, but with Bible Study Buddy, you can easily integrate the enjoyment of God's words into your routine. Make time for what truly matters. Take that first step now—treat yourself to some quiet time with God's words today.


Monica Lin

how to use

Bible study buddy

Using Bible Study Buddy is as easy as texting "Hi!" to a friend. You don't need any technical know-how.  Just say hi and prepare to be amazed. 


Bible Study Buddy by Monica Lin is a custom GPT, built on GPT-4 and hosted on OpenAI's platform. Clicking on the "TRY IT NOW" link will direct you to its page.


If you already have a paid ChatGPT account, you can start your conversations with Bible Study Buddy immediately!


For those without a paid ChatGPT subscription, OpenAI requires one to access custom GPT apps.  This is a requirement set by OpenAI.


You have no obligation to sign up for a paid ChatGPT account, but I hope you'll give Bible Study Buddy a try and start exploring its features today.  Using this app is as natural as chatting with a friend. 


As I've mentioned elsewhere on this website: Make time for what truly matters. Take that first step now—treat yourself to some quiet time with God's words today.